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  • Janet Gifford

Why You Need to Track Where Your Email Sign-ups Come From

Conversation this morning with a client:

Me: So, how’s your email list coming along?

Client: Great! I’ve added 28 new names this month!

Me: I like hearing that – that’s really good work. So ... what are they most interested in hearing about?

Client: (silence)

Client: (silence)

Client: Um, what do you mean?

Me: Well, on your website you have a basic sign-up box, and you have a sign-up box on your Blog page. Do you know which one they used?

Client: Uh, no?

Me: That’s okay, you can check. Also, if they came from your social media accounts, do you know what post drew their attention?

Client: Uh, no?

Me: That’s okay, you can check that, too.


The reason I’m sharing this conversation is because we often don’t realize the value of knowing where and why people sign up for our email list – and then how to use that information to our advantage.

So, how do we use that information? Here’s a perfect example:

Jane adds a post to Facebook with a link to her new blog post. Shortly after, she gets 5 new sign-ups to her blog. What Jane should should see is that these 5 new people were interested in THAT blog, and THAT SUBJECT.

So, Jane now got a bit more information she can use to reach back out – specifically about what her new ... we'll call them 'reader' ... just read. She can reach out directly via email, welcome them, offer them even a bit MORE information about the subject they are interested in (hint: maybe a free tip sheet or checklist?), and begin a casual email conversation with each of them.

Bottom line? Take the time to track where your new sign-ups are coming from, then use that information to foster first a beginning casual conversation, and then a longer-term and more in-depth conversation ... all of which, when done well, WILL grow your business.

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