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The Coolest Virtual Business Card You Need to Have.

I'm a firm believer in making it easy for everyone on your list - from clients to potential clients, colleagues to your larger network - to learn more about you, your business, and how you can help them. We all know the saying: They need to know you, like you, and trust you before they're going to do business with you.

There are lots of ways of making sure that happens, and lots of apps and tools you can use. I've tried several - was my go-to app for a couple years. UNTIL ...

UNTIL ... I learned about BossLadyBio. You guys - THIS is a tool worthy of your attention! It's intuitive to use, it's visually awesome, it's affordable, and it's super customizable.

Here's how it works:

It's a ONE LINK, ONE CLICK tool that showcases all that you have to offer with your business.

It's the coolest virtual business card I've ever seen.

👉 There are several layout and color combination templates to choose from.

👉 You can add an intro video.

👉 You have options to use catchy taglines that direct people to different pages within your website.

👉 There's a Hot Button option that you can change daily if you want - and connect it to whatever you've posted on your social channels.

👉 You can add testimonials & quotes, and a slick product carousel.

👉 There's a cool analytics option to track what levels of activity you're getting.

👉 You can have more than one Bio (if you have more than one business) and manage them all from one account and dashboard. (Hint: I have two Bios b/c I have two separate businesses)

👉 You have a direct link you can use in any social profile: Mine are and

👉 You can add a personalized QR Code. I use mine in all sorts of ways; I even have it as an image on my cell phone. "Oh, hey, here's my Bio info" ... and in 2 seconds they've pulled up my Bio.

Here's what my Writeology BLB homepage looks like. There's more to it, but this gives you an idea of how clean and how easy it is to navigate. I chose a very simple template because that's me, although there are plenty of templates to fit everyone's style. Each 'button' is a link to a different section of my website.


If you're an entrepreneur, and you want a terrific way to showcase your business, using all your social channels, I highly recommend the BossLadyBio app and all the cool things you get with it. (And you can't beat the price!) Oh, and when you build your first BLB site, be sure to tell the wonderful ladies at BLB that you've been Empowered by Janet Gifford.

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