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Three Tips for Building Email Content

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Did you know ....

Only 6% of your Social Media posts get seen on a consistent basis? Yikes.

However 72% of people surveyed said they WANT to receive promotional content via email.

And here's another eye-opener:

With Email - you're THREE times more likely to make a sale.

This is why I always say:

Social Media is only the handshake.

Emails Guarantee More Action.

While I find email content easy to come up with, that's not the case for everyone.

Here are my 3 quick tips for creating content that WILL produce more action from your clients/customers - which we know is going to turn into money in the bank.

1. If you like to read about it, it's likely your clients/customers will too. Let's say you're a custom golf club maker. What magazine or news articles about golf catch your attention? What 'tip' forums do you look at regularly? Give your readers the link(s) so that they can read it, too. That's content you can share.

2. Let's stay with the custom golf club maker. What new technologies are you learning about? Got a cool new gizmo that's going to make what you do even better for your customers? What will they experience when you've used the cool new gizmo on their clubs? That's content you can share.

3. Same golf club maker. Who's in your shop? What expertise do they have? Highlight employees by telling their story and why they're so good at what they do. That's content you can share.

Bonus Tip #1: Run a contest or a promo. NOT on your clubs, but on something fun. IDEA: First person to post on your Facebook page with their favorite quote from their favorite golf movie wins a hat.

Bonus Tip #2: Put action items 'above the fold'. Meaning - if you have a promo, a seasonal discount, free shipping, or pre-sale signups - something that offers a special value to your readers and asks them to take action - place it in your email AFTER your first section of content, but BEFORE they have to scroll down to see it. (p.s. remember to add it as a reminder at the end of your email, too.)

Bottom Line? Keep a folder, or a list on your phone, of all the things you see that you can use as content in your email campaign. And if you get stuck, go back and re-read some of the emails that you received and liked. If you found something interesting in an email, chances are your readers will find it interesting, too.

p.s. – Ready to either build, or revamp, your Email Campaign? Let’s talk about how I can help you.

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