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Email Marketing - Better Than Social Media? Yep.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

I don’t know about you but trying to build my business with just social media has always taken a LOT of time. Do I need Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest? Yep. I do. Maybe just one; maybe all three. I also need to understand how they all work, and how to leverage them to build my business.

So. Do. You.

But here’s the deal.

While social media is GREAT for quick snippets of info, a pretty photo, a clever quote or a great story, it’s simply not going to build the kind of long-lasting client/customer relationships you need – with people who know you, who like you, who trust you, and who want to hear from you.

Email on the other hand? EMAIL WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE.

Sure, it’s not exactly hip right now, but trust me when I say your EMAIL LIST is golden. GOLDEN. And a strategic and consistent EMAIL CAMPAIGN will always grow your business far more effectively (and efficiently) than social media ever will.

A consistent, content-rich email campaign gives you a huge opportunity to provide VALUE to your customers’ lives in far more meaningful ways than those little squares on the Insta and 3” posts on Facebook.

First you have to start building your list (if you don’t already have one), and then you need to start giving those folks content that they actually want to read. I’ve got a thousand ideas for content; give me an hour and I can probably give you a list of 50 things you can talk about that have to do with your industry or market. That’s an email a week, kids! (Not counting Christmas and Easter)

Okay – I know what you’re thinking. “Ya, Janet, BUT … I get fifty non-work emails a day that I don’t read.” Ah ha – but are there a few that you DO regularly read? Do you know WHY you take the time to read them? If YOU are taking the time to read them, and you figure out what is attracting YOU, you’re three-quarters there to knowing how to craft YOUR emails to others.

If your email campaign is FULL of great content that actually helps your clients/customers learn MORE, get to know you better, feel like you really do care about making their lives better, they’ll take 2 minutes to read your email.

Then, when it’s time to actually do business with you – your readers are going to feel GREAT about jumping in. Why? Because you’ve built up the know you, like you, trust you relationship so well that they’ll WANT to do business with you.

One more thing you probably hadn’t realized – all those followers and friends you have on your social media accounts? All that content you’ve been curating? If it’s Facebook or Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg owns it. All those contacts you’ve cultivated? Unless you’ve meticulously kept and updated a list of them all (mine is in Excel) … in the blink of an eye they can be gone.

*** See my hand up here? Yep. Instagram accidently deactivated my account. ALL THOSE FOLLOWERS could have been lost forever. But Ta-Da – my email list was right here on my computer.)

If you HAVE an EMAIL LIST, keep building it, and build out a consistent EMAIL CAMPAIGN!

If you DON’T HAVE ONE, put your hand up. I’ll send you my 4 Ways to Build and Grow an Email List tip sheet to get you started.

Bottom Line?

Become an Email List Lover.

Become a My Email List Hears From Me Monthly Lover.

p.s. – Ready to either build, or revamp, your Email Campaign? Let’s talk about how I can help you.

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