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I can help you focus on what YOU want from your business.

Help you determine what’s still working, what’s not, and what’s missing.

Guide you in thinking outside the box when it comes to new ideas and new strategies.

Customize a step-by-step plan for you that makes sense to you and is relatively easy to incorporate.

It's Your story, it's your voice. 

So, tell me ...

Does your website tell YOUR story, using YOUR voice? Does it entice your clients/customers to want to know more about you? Let's make sure the content in your site is as relevant as possible and opens the door to more business.



People who WANT to do business with you and who LOVE to refer others to you!  ​

"I always enjoy working with Janet! She is professional, positive, creative, and on-time with her delivery. She has a very fun and engaging style, and her way of deep diving into all the important things really works - from content to new ideas, to  strategy and an action plan."

Julie Burgmeier

Skagit Marketing 

“We had a new business getting ready to launch and so many puzzle pieces that needed to fit. Janet's expertise and advice helped us put everything together,

so it all now works in tandem. Her advice was invaluable!”

Lisa Strandberg 

Patrick Neri Selections 

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