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Are you at a place in your business journey where you feel stuck? Or uninspired? Or not sure where to take it next?

Has it been ages since you've updated your website, your content, and your story?


Those are the things that I love to help my clients with. Clear the cobwebs. Open the side of the proverbial box, take out what's not working any more and add in some new ideas & inspiration. Come back out with a fresh new attitude and plan, leading to more success with a growing bottom line. 


I'm a marketer by vocation, a writer by happy accident, and an entrepreneur and business consultant. I'm also super curious and love learning (and then teaching); I never miss an opportunity to absorb something new from my extremely talented mentors as well as the new kids doing cool things in the world of marketing.

While we're at it, I'm also a laughter addict, I adore good food and great wine, I'm an intrepid traveler, a lover of community and engagement, and an absolute people person.  I was born with a positive mindset, which to this day drives my Eeyore friends nuts, but makes my world a fun place to hang out in.

If there's a box to think outside of, I'm all in. Oh, and I'm a very good devil's advocate when big decisions are necessary. I love (LOVE) building partnerships that start from a place of trust, and that ultimately create lasting relationships.  


When you work with me, expect a collaboration between us that has transparency and consistency, and some fun tossed in. Because ... life and work should always have some fun.


Want to learn more?
Right now – while I’m on your mind?

Reach out and let’s have a first chat.


I want to know what you're struggling with. If I can toss out a couple ideas, I'm happy to do that! If you like what you hear, we'll talk more about working together. 

Hi there,

I'm Janet Gifford.

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