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Here's the thing about Websites ...


They're often the first introduction people have to you.

Your site visitors are looking for very specific things.


Do your first words catch their attention? 

(You've identified what they need or want)

 Do your words hold their attention? 

 (They want to keep reading)

Are they ready to scroll through your site? 

(They want to know more)

Your business has a personality of its own. 

THAT'S what your readers want to know.

When you work with me:

  • Our first few conversations are going to be all about you. 

  • I want to know YOUR story. 

  • I want to know who your clients or customers are. 

  • I want to meet a few of your crew - online or in person. 

  • I want to get a sense of what words YOU say that resonnate with others. 

  • I need to know enough about your business so that as we write the pages of your story (i.e. the content on your website), YOUR distinct personality comes through.


Your Words. Your Story. 

Let's use them to capture more business! 

While we work on your content ...

  • I'll be doing research on what key words within your content will drive your name to the top of search engines like Google. You probably know this as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  

  • We'll be looking at other sites you like to determine what attracts you; you know your industry best and if YOU like a site a lot, chances are the public is going to as well. 

  • Rest assured, though: We'll never ever copy someone else's hard work.  



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