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Let's talk about Social Media. 

It's like your handshake when meeting someone new.


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn ...

You know - and I know - that you simply must leverage

social media. 


  • With social media, you’re saying, “Hello, this is who we are. It's really great to meet you.”

  • Your images are saying, “These are the things we think about, talk about, and want to show you.”


But here’s the thing about social media – social media content is content that you don’t own.


The platform that owns all those followers and friends you have? The Facebooks and Instagrams? They own your content and they own all future access to all those friends and followers you have, because they also own the contact information.

Social media WILL provide you value over the long term, and you DO need to be seen on social media regularly. 

Just don't rely on social media, thinking that alone it will drive your revenue stream. 

So what do we do with social media? It's a fabulous way to begin introducing yourself, and letting your followers get to know you better! 

There's a strategy to social media that you need to understand, and you absolutely should leverage. 

 I've got tips and tricks to making social media work more effectively for you. 

I can guide you on how to set up a consistent content calendar.

Oh, and I can train you or your staff on exactly what to do, and when to do it. 

Wouldn't it be great to manage your social media campaigns without spending hours a day deciding what to post?

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