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Here’s the thing about email marketing ...


Understanding the strategy behind it, and understanding the mindset of your potential clients/customers, are key elements.


YOU NEED Email marketinG


If you're not confident that you're leveraging email

marketing effectively (or at all); if it's NOT bringing you

business, we'll spend some time determining why not and

then what we can do together to make it happen.  

Once we've created a strategy FOR YOU, we'll work on how to IMPLEMENT it into an ongoing campaign.


We'll create a content calendar based on your needs, your messaging, and your timing. Then we'll figure out who is best suited to manage it. I can train your staff on exactly what to do and when to do it. I can manage your digital marketing for you. Or, work alongside your staff.


Your email list is an asset that you can cultivate year after year. It has value, not only for you right now, but if you ever sell your business your email list is something YOU own. It’s part of your business, just like your products or services.

If Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform ever ceased to exist, or changed the rules on you, you could lose your entire 'list' of friends and followers in a matter of minutes. 

It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 Instagram followers or 4,000 Facebook friends.

What matters is how many people are on your EMAIL list.

Why? Because as you grow your email list and begin sending them digital content (that YOU OWN) you’ll be building lasting relationships through ongoing and consistent, value-based communications.

Your EMAIL LIST is your database of people who know you, like you, and trust you. 

They'll also become your largest source of referrals! 


You’ll become the expert in your readers’ eyes as you cultivate a higher level of trust through the information you share, and you’ll generate far more revenue as a result of it.


I can help you BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST and then create a consistent communications campaign.

Together we will GROW YOUR BUSINESS by growing your loyal client/customer base.

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